The Number 2's mean in Scripture.

TWO:  This number can mean difference, division or double portion.

In the Creation event, God separated light and darkness. [Genesis 1:3-4] 
The Ten Commandments were inscribed on two tablets of stone. [Exodus 31:18; 32:15; 34:1, 4, 29]
The children of Israel were forbidden to collect manna on the Sabbath and therefore were permitted to collect a double portion of manna on Friday.[Exodus 16:5]
On the 6th day of Creation God created two—male and female—of every species in order that fertility might be a blessing to the earth. [Genesis 1:24-31]  
In the New Testament, Christians also saw this number as a symbol of the second person of the Trinity, the Incarnation of God the Son in the perfection of His humanity and divinity.