Quantum Soup by Rick

Rick Hansen 

March 26, 2014

                                                 The Lord Has Served Up Quantum Soup 

In trying to decide how to help people reconcile that God is not the quantum realm but has in fact established the quantum realm, It occurred to me after considerable study that the quantum realm is simply the word of God offered, and waiting to be received. Over the past 8 years since first being introduced to Quantum Physics reading William DeArteaga's book Quenching the Spirit, I have read through some of the available material on quantum physics and related concepts including Quantum Glory by Phil Mason, A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi (a consultant on The Secret by Rhonda Byrne), In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, three books by Greg Kuhn entitled Build New Beliefs, Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail, and Create More Abundance, plus several audio files by Chuck Missler on Quantum Physics. In addition I reviewed some responses to The Secret. At present here is my opinion on how this science reconciles with the word of God.

Everything that exists came out from God as his thoughts expressed in his word.....God said. Every thought he has to bless and prosper you has already been spoken over you by him expressing His will or desire to bless you in His word. What He has said is available to you to receive or reject. When received as an accomplished fact right now, the word moves from the "quantum soup " of God’s will expressed and extended to you into manifestation. The reason every possibility is presently available in the quantum field is because every possibility is a result of what you do with God's word . One half of all possibility is experienced by lining up what you believe is true with what God has said. The other half of all possibility is experienced by lining up what you believe in contrast to what God has said. If you take what he says as reality right now, it is reality. If you believe in opposition to what He says is true right now, that is your reality . Based on what you accept, you have your reality at that very moment. It is yours. The quanta ( digital bits of energy and more specifically His word) then conforms to whether you have agreed or disagreed with the word of God . Whatever you believe is already yours based on what you do with the word of God .

People that have no knowledge of the word of God can receive from the word of God (quantum soup) by aligning their beliefs with the word of God, whether they know that is God's will or not. They for example believe the universe wants to bless them. They do not know or understand that it is God who wanted to bless them, and He has expressed that in His word which is His will. They simply have decided that it is the universe's desire to bless them, and they receive.

As a believer when we see a promise and accept it as already true meaning an accomplished fact, this creates an emotional response to what we have realized is already true. The acknowledgement (believing) of what has always been true is what causes the word of God (quantum soup) to manifest. This is seeing the unseen as real, and as a result it become visible.