Where do you want to go today?

I love to go have lunch with my friend Jim, after church. He actually talks more than I do and we have fascinating discussions about unbearable co-workers and why Jesus would even bother coming back, in person, when He could just show up on everyone's iphone. As a free AP, of course.

Where do you want to go today? So we both rattle off a handful of restaurant names. No, nope too greasy, too far, sick of that place...blah blah. Then I mention Plumbees. It is close, but I don't really want to go there so I keep suggesting other places. Now Jim is set on going to freakin Plumbees. Agghhh! Detest that place! So, I arrive first and grab a table. As the server comes over to bring me some water, the Holy Spirit starts to download some information about him. The server doesn't look happy and the Holy Spirit starts to tell me why.

Suddenly, Jim arrives and I am momentarily distracted. We order, get our lunch and as the server comes back to check on us, I say Oh, I don't want you to think I am crazy but sometimes God speaks to me and ...... Ha! He stood there with his mouth open as God told him how He saw him, pinpointed some fears that needed to go and revealed some awesome things about his future. The server said Thank you! Amazing. You were spot on! He left smiling. As we ate, I watched as he bounced around the restaurant with a more joyful energy and I could tell that God's word had touched him. It reminded me of a line from a Godfrey Birtill https://www.facebook.com/godfreyb song, " Just one touch from the King changes everything." Yep. It sure does. Just remember, God always wants to encourage and edify His children. If you get a word of knowledge or prophecy for someone, share it. Just step out and do it. Take a chance. I have never had anyone reject a word I gave them. Why? Because God's words are always healing! Besides, any truthful word from God, you relay to anyone, will come across as love. Not crazy. Not weird. Not shaming. Not guilt producing. Not judging. Just Love. Pure and simple, LOVE. Ahhhhh, after Sunday, I still think the food stinks, but I now sure have a soft spot in my heart for Plumbees. This stuff never gets old!