God has sent YOU, to be an instrument of healing.

One of the benefits of giving up your self righteousness for God's gift of righteousness, is that you lose the job of being the world's moral policeman. And that is so freeing. It makes life so much simpler to live. Instead of looking at everyone, trying to decide A: did they do right or wrong, and B: should I reward or punish them, you move into God's way of thinking and behaving. And that is love. "But look at what they did! They are awful because they did x,y, and don't even get me started on z!" True, they might be engaged in wrong behavior, but, I take my cue from God. He showed me love when I did wrong, He is showing love to others when they do wrong, so I'm going to follow His lead, and treat others the same way God is. With mercy, love, and compassion.

It's very stressful to always be at "war" with the world. To look at the masses and think of them as the "enemy". Much better, and more accurate, to see people as the hurt and wounded. And God has sent YOU, to be an instrument of healing.